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Moving Image Archives: Curation, Management, and Programming - Module 1: Foundations of the Profession Public Deposited

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  • Moving Image Archives: Curation, Management, and Programming is designed as an experiential introduction to the many facets of organizing and directing a Moving Image Archive, including archival appraisal, arrangement and description, and identification and inspection of diverse film and video materials. Developed for undergraduate students in the fields of film and media studies, the course emphasizes skills of archivism and preservation that are transferable to work in the media industry, non-profit organizations, and artistic production, while encouraging students to think critically about the nature of historical records and the implications that archival work can have on the production of historical knowledge.

    Each module in this course is comprised of a series of discrete chapters, lectures, exercises, and assignments, which can be separately re-used or adapted to serve undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education audiences in many fields, including history, journalism, media studies, art, and art history. In Module 1: Foundations of the Profession, students will become familiar with theories and resources related to the nature of archival media and archival records, as well as major developments in the history of the archival profession. Subsequent course modules address the topics of collection management and access/use of archival media materials. 

    This course was developed as one in a series of undergraduate courses and learning opportunities at the University of Colorado Boulder, supported by a Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services in 2021-2024. This Open Educational Resource was supported by OpenCU Boulder 2022-2023, a grant funded by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, with additional support from the CU Office of the President, CU Office of Academic Affairs, CU Boulder Office of the Provost, and CU Boulder University Libraries.


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