For assistance with submissions or any other questions, please contact the repository administrator at For quesitons about CU Scholar policies, please review our terms of use

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I believe my work was uploaded to CU Scholar in error. How do I request a removal?

A: Contact the repository administrator at to request a takedown. Please see our takedown policy terms here:


Q: How does the university's Open Access Policy influence what can be uploaded to CU Scholar?

A: The university's Open Access policy grants CU-Boulder an irrevocable, nonexclusive, worldwide license to the scholarly work of its faculty, including published journal articles and conference proceedings. Since the license is nonexclusive, you retain the right to post your work in other repositories, on your personal website, or submit it to a publisher. Under this policy, faculty can upload their pre-print or post-print versions of journal articles as well as conference proceedings to CU Scholar. Publisher's versions of articles may be added depending on the agreement an author makes with a publisher. Please contact the repository administrator at if you have any questions on what may be uploaded to CU Scholar.


Q: Can I get a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for my data set?

A: Yes, we provide DataCite DOIs for all data sets in CU Scholar. Abstracts are required in order for data sets to receive a DOI. We can also provide DOIs for other types of content on a case by case basis by request.


Q: What if non-CU authors contributed to the work?

A: Any work can be included as long as at least one author is affiliated with CU Boulder.


Q: How do I revise a submission?

A: Changes to deposited items are not permitted. However, errata and corrigenda lists may be included with the original record if required. If necessary, an updated version of the item may be deposited in addition to the original version. For questions about this or to revise a submission that has not yet been posted to the repository, contact the repository administrator at


Q: How can I submit a multi-part submission, such as a data set with multiple data files?

A: CU Scholar supports multi-file submissions. When making the submission, use the green “Add files…” button on the “Files” tab to select multiple files from your computer to upload.


Q: Can I post related files (sound clips, data sets, etc.) alongside the published work?

A: Yes. You can use CU Scholar’s support for multi-file submissions to do this (see above). In some cases, it might be preferable to create a separate submission. For example, a data set supporting an article, thesis, or dissertation might need its own landing page, DOI, and descriptive information (metadata). If you have questions about this, please contact the repository administrator at


Q: What version of my published article can I post?

A: It depends on what the journal allows, which is usually specified in their agreement with the author. Permissions for many publishers can be found at SHERPA RoMEO. Faculty covered by the campus Open Access Policy may post the post-print (after peer review, but without the publisher’s formatting/branding) version of their articles.