Mental Health Related Needs Among the Indochinese Refugees in the Denver Metropolitan Area Public Deposited

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  • A survey assessment was made of mental-health-related needs among the Indochinese refugees in the Denver metropolitan area. The survey form used involved separate assessments for thirteen basic human needs, ten life area satisfactions, twenty-three psychological effects, seventeen psychophysiological indicators, and corresponding global scores. Analyses of age, sex, and ethnic sub9roups within the Indochinese sample revealed strong and oervasive ethnic differences. Age and sex differences were present but were minor by comparison. Comparison and covariation analyses were used to develop a portrayal of the general character anrl circumstances of the Vietnamese, H'Mong, and Cambodians and the implied characteristic psychological strains associated with each. Further analyses suggested the kind of individual variations and symptom patterns that might be characteristic of each group. The findings were presented as relevant for prevention, outreach, training, service, and oolicy planni ng. A set of guidelines for service providers, based in part on these results, is planned for the near future.
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  • 1979-04-01
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  • 2019-12-22
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