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High Pressure Thermal Triaxial Compression of Mancos Shale Public Deposited
  • Conventional triaxial tests on materials have been modified to apply complex loading paths, large confining pressures, and elevated temperatures on specimens. These tests offer insights into how materials behave under various mechanical and environmental conditions. The experimental results obtained can be used to calibrate and validate existing numerical and analytical models in solving engineering problems across distinct length and time scales which cannot be accomplished within the laboratory.

    This thesis focuses on the development of the MTS-815 High Pressure Triaxial testing device at the University of Colorado Boulder (CUBoulder) and the usage of the derived data in advancing our understanding of the thermomechanical behavior of frictional materials. The first part of this thesis details the basic components and the developed procedures for performing high-pressure triaxial tests. Preliminary test results helped to understand the mechanics of the machine and how reliable results should be obtained. The second part of this thesis utilizes the procedures developed to investigate the thermomechanical behavior of Mancos Shale. The purpose of this study was to prepare the testing device for conducting thermomechanical tests on plastic-bonded granular materials as part of CUBoulder’s PSAAP center effort. The preliminary results on Mancos shale also helps us understand the potential of shale as host rock for deep geologic disposal of high-level radioactive wastes. The shale triaxial data was finally interpreted by a directional damage theory. A supplementary study of how damage levels affect the permeability of Mancos Shale was also performed.

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  • 2022-07-17
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  • 2022-09-16
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