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The Negroes of Boulder, Colorado: A Community Analysis of an Ethnic Minority Group Public Deposited
  • The purpose of this thesis was to make a sociological analysis or the Negroes of Boulder, Colorado. The methods used in obtaining data about the Negroes included personal interviews, direct observations, and the use of official documents.

    The Negro population in Bou lder is decreasing in size, while the white population is increasing. Not only is the population decreasing but there is also a warped age and sex distribution of the population in that there is an excess of older Negroes and an excess of female Negroes. In the survey it was found that the majority of the Negroes came to Boulder to advance themselves economically and to have a good place to raise their families. The home, education, and religious life of the Negroes is inclusive enough to make them a homogeneous group. Except for occasional individual acts of discrimination and prejudice the Negro and white people get along well together. It is the lack of vocational opportunities and social life which to a large degree compels the younger Negroes to leave Boulder. Although the older Negroes find the conditions in Boulder adequate, the younger Negroes would like to have better jobs and be able to have social activities where there would be more young people of their own racial group. The Negro population in Boulder will probably always remain small and warped in its age and sex distribution. Because of the extremely small size of the group in comparison to the total population, problems of assimilation will be
    negligible. Therefore, Boulder will probably never have a real Negro problem.


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  • 1947
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