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Processing of Inorganic Silicates for Arduous Environments Public Deposited
  • The work herein discusses a variety of processing techniques for silicates utilized in the development of infrastructure. The first half of the work is focused on the chloride durability of silicious alkali activated cementitious binders, focusing on the chloride binding potential of zeolitic phases (i.e., chabazite and faujasite) and the use of chemical admixtures to direct their formation. It is shown that these zeolites can uptake chlorides, and their formation can be successfully promoted. The second half of the dissertation is focused on in-situ resource utilization for exploration and habitat building. The work pertains to the development of ceramic and glass materials, their characterization and manufacture. Sintered ceramics and glasses are produced via additive manufacturing and conventional sintering and melting methodologies with properties suitable for construction.

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  • 2022-07-25
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  • 2022-09-23
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