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Kinematic Steering Law for Conically-Constrained Torque-Limited Spacecraft Attitude Control Public Deposited

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  • Orientation constrained attitude control is a requirement in most spacecraft missions. A novel technique for attitude control of a spacecraft subjected to an arbitrary number of constraints in the form of inclusion and exclusion conic regions using a kinematic steering law and a rate-based attitude servo system is presented. The control laws are rate and torque bounded. The tracking errors are defined using Modified Rodrigues Parameters to yield a non-singular description. Lyapunov theory and logarithmic barrier potential functions are used to derive a kinematic steering law suitable for both attitude regulation and tracking scenarios. Conditions for constraint enforcement under limited-control-torque capability are studied. Numerical examples of regulation and tracking problems are shown. A Monte Carlo simulation is performed to illustrate control enforcement under bounded-torque control.
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  • 2017
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  • 2019-11-18
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