Multiple Factors Converge to Influence Women’s Persistence in Computing: A Qualitative Analysis of Persisters and Nonpersisters Public Deposited

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  • Previous research has suggested that access and exposure to computing, social supports, preparatory privilege, a sense of belonging in computing and/or a computing identity all contribute to women pursuing computing as a field of study or intended career. What we know less about is what keeps young women persisting in computing despite the obstacles they encounter. This paper describes findings from analysis of 64 in-depth interviews with young women who in high school expressed interest in computing by looking into NCWIT’s Aspirations in Computing Award. The dataset includes Award winners and nonwinners, some of whom have persisted in computing and some who have not. Our findings suggest that multiple, redundant supports, including community reinforcement, as well as a bolstered sense of identity/belonging, may make the difference in who persists and who does not.
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  • 2017-05-01
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