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Fall 8-8-1960


This study was conducted to ascertain the planning between nursing service and nursing education to facilitate operations in two collegiate nursing programs, to determine current practices to achieve an understanding of the objectives of education, and to seek evidences of working relationships. The need for planning has resulted from the administrative trend toward separation of nursing service and nursing education in collegiate programs, and a study of current practices may be of value in future planning. The method of study was the descriptive survey, conducted by means of the interview. The tool used to gather information was a check list and interview guide. This tool was designed to solicit information from (1) Administrators and (2) Clinical instructors, Supervisors, and/or head nurses in regard to philosophy and objectives, contracts, policies, implementation of policies through planning and meetings. In general, the finding revealed that although contracts or agreements were provided, administrators of nursing service were not aware of their provisions. There was no consistent pattern for achieving a common understanding of the objectives of education between nursing service and nursing education. Formal meetings as one means of communication for achieving closer working relationships were not held regularly and were somewhat limited. Informal conferences were the primary means of communication between nursing service and nursing education regarding students and student education. Of each service approximately one-half of the personnel attended the meetings conducted by the other department. Written plans and guides were provided, but were not always circulated.