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Fall 8-4-1960


The problem was to determine if professional nurses recognized the relationship of nursing activities to the rehabilitation of patients with three selected medical-surgical conditions: colostomy, diabetes, and mastectomy. The purposes of the study were: (1) to ascertain the opinions of a selected group of professional nurses as to the rehabilitative aspect of nursing activities performed in giving care to patients with selected medical-surgical conditions; (2) to analyze the data to determine the degree of rehabilitative significance ascribed to these activities; and (3) to provide data which could be used in planning curricula for nursing and for programs of in-service education. Literature pertaining to nursing was reviewed to determine what authorities believed were the present concepts of rehabilitation and of the rehabilitative aspects of nursing care. Descriptive survey method, with the closed-form opinionnaire as the data-gathering technique, was used in the study. The population of the study was comprised of twenty-five professional nurses who were currently enrolled in a graduate nurse baccalaureate program the first term of summer 1960 of a selected university in the Rocky Mountain area. Data was analyzed by tabulation and a significant pattern of response was identified. The analysis revealed that those nursing activities which had a direct relationship to the physical disorder pertaining to each medical-surgical condition were the activities which were ascribed unique in value for rehabilitation by the majority of respondents. The following relationship was noted: (1) nursing activities related to elimination and psychological aspects were identified as unique in value for rehabilitation of the patient with a colostomy; (2) nursing activities related to nutrition and activities directed toward dismissal from the hospital were identified as being unique in value for rehabilitation of the patient with diabetes; and (3) nursing activities related to exercise and prevention of deformities were indicated to be unique in value for rehabilitation of the patient with a mastectomy. On the basis of the data obtained, it was concluded that the participants in the study did not recognize the rehabilitative significance of all nursing activities for the three medical-surgical conditions.