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Fall 8-14-1960


The purposes of the study were to develop a guide which would provide the nursing instructor with a list of materials from which to select learning experiences that would aid the basic nursing student develop a concept of her role as a health teacher and to illustrate how these learning experiences could be organized for sequence, continuity, and integration. It was believed that a guide which provided the nurse instructor with a ready source of materials that would aid the nursing student in developing a concept of her role as a health teacher would ultimately enable her as a graduate nurse to function in this role. The assumption upon which the study was based was that since health teaching is recognized as a nursing function, the basic professional program should provide the nursing student with opportunities to develop a concept of herself as a health teacher. The need for the study was established following the review of literature which identified health teaching as a function of the nurse and established the value of the resource unit as a tool in curriculum planning. From a review of the literature, content related to health teaching was identified and used in formulating the educational purposes of the guide. The objectives for the guide were stated in terms of both the desired behavior and the content area of health teaching in which the nursing student was to demonstrate the behavior. All clinical content areas traditionally included in the basic nursing curriculum were represented in the guide. Three levels that corresponded with the three clinical years were selected to demonstrate how learning experiences could be planned and organized to meet the criteria of continuity, sequence, and integration. Teaching materials were selected for each learning experience and a bibliography was compiled for the guide. Methods of evaluation were suggested for each learning experience. It was recommended that the guide be used by nursing instructors In an actual situation to determine if it has value to the instructor and after use of the guide a follow-up study be made to determine if the nursing student believed that she developed a concept of her role as a health teacher in the basic nursing curriculum.