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Spring 1-1-1913


A great and steadily increasing interest in the ocular effects of heredity has arisen in recent years, and much knowledge has been acquired by the collective work of many investigators of this hitherto neglected subject. Of all the patient and productive workers in this field Edward Nettleship is far in the lead. His investigations have included the following hereditary diseases: Cataract, retinitis pigmentosa, congenital stationary night blindness, hereditary optic atrophy, color blindness, glaucoma, iritis, chorioiditis, opacity of the cornea and nystagmus. Not only has he investigated personally many affected lines from two or three even to ten generations, but he has also tabulated the work of ophthalmologists the world over; thus giving the comprehensive observations and statistics upon which alone intelligent opinion may be founded as to this important factor in ophthalmic science. The revival of interest in Mendel's rules on heredity and the application of them to the transmission of anomalies, deformities and diseases in man, have doubtless stimulated ophthalmologists to investigate along these lines in their own particular domain. Congenital defects not traceable to the same or similar abnormality in the direct line, have not been included in the following summary of illustrative cases.