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Summer 7-16-1954


The purpose of this study was to correlate available audio-visual materials with specific units in the four economic geography textbooks most commonly used in Wisconsin. The method of procedure followed was (1) to determine the four textbooks most commonly used in Wisconsin, and analyze them to determine common units, (2) to determine what audio-visual materials were available and select those to be previewed, and finally to preview them at the University of Wisconsin Bureau of Audio-Visual Instruction, (3) to assign specific films to specific units of the four most commonly used economic geography textbooks, (4) to list films and filmstrips not previewed, and (5) to determine the extent of use of the films previewed for a two-year period. The recommendations as a result of this study are incorporated in the text of the study. Forty-one films have been correlated into specific units of the aforementioned texts.