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Spring 5-16-1960


As the future in surgery begins to unfold, there is no doubt that synthetics will play an important role. The stage has been set experimentally and the clinical application of these materials will provide as fantastic a finale as any dramatic production. Of all the plastics there singularly exists one material which demands a leading part because of its unlimited medical possibilities— this material is TEFLON, Within this thesis the stimulating story of “plastics” is revealed in such a manner that historical interest chronologically precedes but is no more significant than definition or classification. One has only to briefly review the chemistry and properties of TEFLON to appraise its superiority and to appreciate my insatiable curiosity to investigate its potential as a prosthesis. Unavailability has lead to the development of methods and the problems associated therefrom. Nevertheless, prostheses of TEFLON were used to bridge defects in various hollow viscera of laboratory animals with gratifying results, and the clinical implication of these successful experiments cannot be underestimated* This thesis is dedicated to the purpose of associating a knowledge of "plastics" with medical ingenuity in the hope that this combination will lead to visionary advances in the field of medicine which may be of some benefit to mankind.