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Summer 7-18-1952


The problem of this study was that of determining whether the one hand "push" shot or the two hand underhand method of teaching free throw shooting was the more effective under conditions set up in this study. In the fall of 1951 forty boys twenty years of age or younger, who had had no previous high school varsity experience or coaching in basketball or free throw shooting were equated into two comparable groups. Group I was taught the one hand push free throw method and Group II was taught the two hand underhand free throw shot method. The entire teaching and testing time for each group covered a period of nine weeks. Three days of the first week were used for preliminary testing of general athletic ability and two days were used for the initial free throw shooting test. Eight weeks, five days a week, were used for instruction and practicing free throw shooting. A final free throw shooting test was given the last day that the groups met. The results of this study showed that the mean improvement in shooting for the one hand group was 11.1 and for the two hand group was 15.7. The standard error of the difference between the two means was found to be 2.31. The actual difference between the two means was 4.6. "t" equaled 2.0, this difference was significant at the 5 per cent level. We need therefore conclude that in this study the two hand underhand shot group was significantly superior to the one hand push shot group.