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Spring 5-20-1965


It was the purposes of this study to identify the feelings of a group of professional nurses at a selected hospital prior to and following four months of experience working in an automated hospital in relation to: (1) selected areas of nursing activities, (2) the work environment, (3) the patient, the nurse, and the hospital administration, and (4) to identify the change, if any, in the feelings of the nurses about the effect of automation in the hospital. Sixty-two nurses who completed and returned both survey forms were the subjects for this study. Data were obtained from two surveys, one given prior to the move from the old hospital and the second, four months after the move into the new hospital with the automated and mechanized devices. Two statistical techniques were used in analyzing the data. These were: The Normal Approximation to the Binomial and The McNemar Test of Significance of Change. Analysis o f the data revealed that the nurses generally agreed with the experts and the findings on the impact of automation from industry about the effect of automation in the hospital. The data also indicated that the nurses' expectations about automation in the hospital were generally fulfilled in the automated hospital. There were many changes in the responses of the nurses on the second survey in comparison to the first survey, however, the changes were random and did not indicate the direction of change at the .05 level of significance.