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Spring 1-2-1964


This study developed a postgraduate midwifery program for graduates of Khartoum Nursing College, the Sudan. The purpose of this program is to ultimately reduce the high infant and maternal mortality rates in the Sudan, by upgrading the quality and quantity of care given to the maternity patients by the non-professional midwives. Graduates of this program, by providing better teaching, close supervision and consultation to the present midwives, and by practicing midwifery competently, should appreciably improve the care of maternity patients in the Sudan. Literature was reviewed relative to the role of midwifery in selected areas past and present, including an overall picture of the material studied by the present midwives in the Sudan. The material studied by the student of Khartoum Nursing College was also reviewed. The objectives of the postgraduate midwifery program were formulated and are consistent with the objectives and philosophy of education of Khartoum Nursing College. The learning experiences were chosen to provide the student with the environment and structured situation which should stimulate the desired type of reaction and provide the opportunity to achieve the objectives. The expected outcome was the acquisition of knowledge pertinent to midwifery and development of skill to apply that knowledge in life situations. The criteria used for the organization of the learning experiences were continuity, sequence and integration. The selection and organization of courses pertinent to the midwifery program were planned to provide effective and integrated learning experiences in the midwifery field for the graduates of Khartoum Nursing College. Suggestions for evaluation of the learning experiences as developed and organized were planned. The use of this midwifery program in Khartoum Nursing College was recommended.