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Spring 5-5-1964


The problem of this study was to identify some of the learning experiences offered by selected professional nursing student s in a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship that might assist the patient to work through the termination process. The normative survey method of research was used. One hundred fifty-one interpersonal process recordings were analyzed by the content-analysis technique. Categories were established through a review of the literature. One hundred twenty-nine learning experiences were identified. Fifty-three per cent of the learning experiences were interact ions in which the nurse and/or patient expressed their expectations of the nurse, the patient, and the relationship. Only one per cent were interactions in which mutual goals were discussed. Fourteen per cent of the learning experiences were interactions where independent behavior was encouraged on the basis of the patient's dependent needs. Only three per cent of the learning experiences involved the nurse's and/or the patient's expression of feelings concerning the relationship. Only three per cent were concerned with mutual planning for the post-relationship period. No student offered an opportunity for mutual evaluation of the relationship.