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Spring 4-1-1963


Identification of the role of the psychiatric nurse engaged in group psychotherapy was studied. The purpose of the study was to determine if the perceptions of the psychiatric nurse are consistent with the perceptions of her colleagues thereby creating a stable role for the psychiatric nurse in group psychotherapy. Members of three therapeutic teams at the Fort Logan Mental Health Center participated in the study. The teams consisted of eighteen nurses, eight social workers, three psychiatrists and three psychologists. Eight situations depicting patient behavior in a group were presented. The respondents were asked to identify that they, the psychiatric nurse, or their nurse colleagues would say and/or do in this situation. Analysis of self-perceptions and colleagues’ perceptions revealed that the role of the psychiatric nurse is to perform the therapeutic tasks of: allowing for expression of feelings, structuring, providing a permissive accepting atmosphere, setting limits, interpretation and providing support. In two situations, the data revealed inconsistencies. Therefore the role of the psychiatric nurse in performing the therapeutic tasks of reflection of feelings and clarification of feelings was inconclusive.