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Spring 2-29-1960


The purposes of the study were to develop a guide which would provide the nursing instructor with a list of materials from which to select learning experiences that would aid the nursing student to develop an understanding of the principles of communicable disease, and to illustrate how these learning experiences could be organized. It was believed that such a study would present one way of dealing with the current problem of inadequate learning experiences in the area of communicable disease in nursing curriculums. Underlying the study was the assumption that the principles of communicable disease could be applied to the nursing care of all patients, therefore it was necessary to identify these principles. From the principles of communicable disease, objectives were formulated for use in the resource unit, or guide, and were stated in terms of student behavior. All clinical content areas were represented in the guide, and were divided into three levels of experience which were presumed to represent three clinical years. Learning experiences were planned for each of the objectives, in each clinical area, in the guide and were organized to meet the criteria of continuity, sequence, and integration. Teaching materials were selected for each learning experience, methods of evaluation were suggested, and a bibliography was compiled for the guide. It was recommended that the guide be used and evaluated by nursing instructors, and that a follow-up study be made to determine the usefulness of the guide.