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Spring 5-15-1962


The problem was to ascertain what directors of hospital nursing services thought about their educational needs. A questionnaire study was done in order to (l) obtain information concerning the educational preparation, experience, and present position of the directors of nursing services; (2) identify specific activities based on knowledge of administration, clinical nursing, and liberal education for which directors of nursing services felt they needed further preparation; and (3) ascertain the existence of a relationship between the educational preparation, years of experience in nursing and in the position of director of nursing services, and the felt educational needs of the respondents. The findings revealed that the majority of the directors had less than five years in their present position, were without the recommended master’s degree, but had over fifteen years of nursing experience. The findings also revealed that the directors felt they needed further preparation in abilities based on knowledge of administration, clinical nursing, and liberal education. Abilities listed by the majority of the directors were: (l) motivating personnel, (2) improving communications, (3) developing staff members, (4) establishing policies, (5) changing nursing programs to match medical and surgical advancements, (6) utilizing the changing concepts in the care of the mentally ill patients, (7) establishing nursing team conferences, (8) revising nursing procedures, (9) utilizing principles of education in establishing educational programs, and (10) utilizing the concepts of the social sciences to guide staff members. An analysis of the relationship between the felt educational needs of the directors and their education, experience, and position revealed that, irrespective of their education, years of nursing experience, and number of years in present position, the majority of the directors expressed that they felt they needed further educational preparation.