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Fall 11-5-1960


The study was an investigation of a selected group of graduate nurses' awareness of the needs and appropriate courses of action as presented in written situations involving adolescent psychiatric patients. The purposes of this study were: (l) to identify the nurse's awareness of the needs of the adolescent and her proposed course of action to meet these needs; (2) to ascertain, via analysis of data, whether similarities or differences might exist according to position of the nurse; and (3) to provide information that might be of value in planning educational programs for nursing personnel. The descriptive survey with the open end questionnaire was the method used. Initially there were four personal questions and two questions which explored nurses' feelings regarding working with adolescents. Sixteen questions presented situations involving the adolescent patient. Twenty graduate nurses representing three levels of positions comprised the population for this study. Data were categorized into three main categories and thirteen sub-categories. The responses to these categories were analyzed and tabulated. None of the nurses could recognize more than half of the adolescent needs. All showed a greater ability to handle situations. The majority felt insecure or generally uncomfortable working with adolescent patients. Recommendations made were: (l) A more generalized study should be made to see if the results from this study are universal. Another study would be beneficial which would investigate the types of basic nursing programs which are offered for understanding of the normal and emotionally ill adolescent; and (2) There is a need for inservice education in the field of adolescence for this group of nurses.