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Spring 5-19-1961


This study was to ascertain the problems encountered by student nurses when giving nursing care to adolescent patients in a pediatric hospital. Data were collected by means of a questionnaire which was administered to fifty-seven junior and senior students from eleven schools of nursing. Problems relating to five categories were described by the students. Most of the students encountered problems with physical facilities and hospital policies. The problems encountered in this category were a direct result of the pediatric environment. The students were able to establish rapport with adolescent patients with little difficulty. Students encountered problems in recognizing some emotional behaviors of the adolescent patient but had little difficulty handling these behaviors after they were recognized. The students encountered problems when it was necessary for them to implement rules and limits with adolescent patients. Most of the students stated that additional formal class time should be devoted to discussing adolescent behavior characteristics. On the basis of the data obtained it was recommended by the investigator that there be an evaluation of physical facilities and hospital policies that affect the adolescent patient; that teaching measures and learning experiences be planned to assist and support the student with recognizing and handling emotional manifestations of the adolescent; that student nurses' learning experiences be planned so that they receive direct supervision and support when it is necessary for them to implement rules and limits and that further studies be made to ascertain what problems nursing personnel, other than students, encounter with the adolescent patient.