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The starting point for this article is an artist-led practice developed by choreographer João Fiadeiro during the past two decades, which has been designated as "Composition in Real Time" (CTR). The interesting point about this methodology is that it has been applied in performance composition and in arts education by its author himself; but also in such diverse fields as anthropology, sociology, neurosciences, and economy by scientists and academics in collaboration with Fiadeiro. The authors of this article have conducted a long-lasting case study on the artistic process of Fiadeiro in the framework of an ERC-funded interdisciplinary arts and cognition project. We present our resulting novel approach to researching contemporary dance work through the creation and production of animated infographic films. Along with leading PaR theorists we argue that the utilization of adequate artistic techniques and methods in academic research can successfully reveal how unique creative ideas and conceptual structures come into being in the creative processes of today's contemporary artists. The article discusses specific excerpts of the provided animated infographic films to show how we digitally re-constructed Fiadeiro’s conceptual and imaginative universe, and how our findings can address both an academic and interested lay audience.

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