Open Access Policy

On April 22, 2015, the University of Colorado Boulder adopted an open access policy that grants CU-Boulder an irrevocable, nonexclusive, worldwide license to the scholarly work of its faculty, including published journal articles and conference proceedings.

Faculty shall inform publishers about this policy and that they have granted a pre-existing License. This policy with the University may serve to help negotiate with publishers that require an exclusive right to publish.

Faculty will provide the Libraries with electronic copies of the final version of the author's peer-reviewed manuscript or published version of their scholarly work in an appropriate format (e.g., PDF). These copies will be made publicly available via the University of Colorado Boulder's institutional repository. Faculty will affirm the grant of the license described above upon submission of their work.

This policy applies only to scholarly work that is journal articles and conference proceedings authored or co-authored by current faculty after the date of adoption of this policy. Faculty are also encouraged to provide the Libraries with electronic copies of other types of scholarly work as appropriate.

The Dean of the Libraries or the Dean's designate will waive application of this policy upon written request from faculty for any reason. In cases where a publisher will not allow dissemination of the final version of an article, faculty are encouraged to provide the Libraries with a version (e.g., pre-print or post-print) that can be made openly accessible under the publisher's policy. Policy wavers can be requested through the University Libraries website.

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