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The Effect of Co-locations on Student Achievement in NYC Public Schools argues that co-locations of charter schools with traditional public schools have no statistical impact on traditional public school student achievement in New York City. However, the report omits important details about its analyses, which leaves readers unable to judge the validity of its methods and ultimate claims. Also, the report does not build on existing research or background knowledge on co-locations or related topics, and it expressly neglects to consider important outcomes related to students’ socio-emotional development, safety, health, and broader academic experiences, thus perpetuating an overly narrow focus on standardized test scores as the ultimate outcome of schooling. The report ultimately serves more as a marketing tool for the continued growth of charter schools in New York City than as a carefully presented research study. As a result, it does little to help policymakers and practitioners evaluate the effects of co-location on students’ educational experiences and outcomes, both of which are inextricably linked with their opportunities for and access to high-quality conditions for teaching and learning.

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