Date of Award

Spring 1-1-2018

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

First Advisor

Sehee Lee

Second Advisor

Conrad Stoldt

Third Advisor

Yifu Ding


Conductivity of the 77.5Li2S·22.5P2S5 (mol %) and 77.5Li2S.(22.5 – x).P2S5.xP2O5 (mol %) glassy solid state electrolytes (SSEs) and possible correlation among the conductivity, density properties, varying P2O5 substitutions, and lithium deposition in symmetric lithium metal batteries were examined. The mechanical milling method was used to prepare the glassy SSEs. The conductivity and density of the 77.5Li2S.22.5P2S5 (mol %) glassy electrolyte could be enhanced by adding a small amount of P2O5. The Li/77.5Li2S.(22.5–x).P2S5.xP2O5 (mol %)/Li metal cells with P2O5 substitution of x<9 displayed longer cycling performance compared to Li/77.5Li2S·22.5P2S5 (mol %)/Li metal cells. Hence, in the case of this study, the conductivity, density, and small P2O5 addition in the 77.5Li2S·22.5P2S5 (mol %) glassy electrolyte would be the main factors of reduced dendrite growth.