Date of Award

Summer 7-24-2014

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Maria L. Thomas-Ružić

Second Advisor

Patricia K. Mosele

Third Advisor

Kira Hall


In 21st century life, technology pervades our personal and professional lives. Post secondary language education is no exception to this phenomenon. In response to changing learner needs and advancements in technology and pedagogy, instructors face challenges to seamlessly blend appropriate technology tools into their repertoire. This study investigates various types of technology tools used in personal and professional domains. Findings suggest that there is a higher incidence of technology use in participants’ personal lives as compared to similar technology tools in their language teaching practice. Additionally, the study suggests that current tools used inside and outside of the face-to-face classroom are teacher-centered, as compared to learner-centered approaches that could benefit the learning process to a higher degree. Therefore, this study recommends facilitating lifelong learning through professional development opportunities, including the formation of cohorts, that promote the transfer of experiences acquired through personal use to the professional realm with pedagogical reasoning.

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Linguistics Commons