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Publication Date

Winter 12-2017

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Global Media Journal




Vol.15 No.29:86


This study examines the role of Late-Night Television shows (LNTV) play in the United States and their contributed towards the poli cal polariza on society. The study used qualita ve content analyses to generate theme emerging from 87 ques onnaires that collected from an online survey conducted with 23 LNTV show hosts in the United States. The ndings indicate that many LNTVS hosts have a par san a lia on that they contagiously infuse into their audience. On the other hand, the ndings indicate that LNTV hosts have less freedom to create their own content, therefore, providing less ethnical considera on for their audience. Most of all, the ndings indicate that LNTV shows rank poli cs as providing most newsworthy content than any criteria.