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NASIG at 30: Building the Digital Future

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Washington, D.C.

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May 27-30, 2015


Ebooks from a wide range of academic publishers are now available online via multiple publisher and vendor platforms. Although this widespread availability has positively impacted the average scholar's access to scholarly content, these platforms present an abundance of usability and accessibility challenges. While the literature has documented a number of these challenges, past studies on ebook usability have tended to focus on a specific ebook platform or have generalized findings from a single platform to the entire ebook ecosystem.

This session will report the findings of a comparative analysis of how ebooks are represented across multiple platforms. In this session, the author will share the results of a study that examined how a sample of academic ebooks are represented across different platforms. Topics of analysis will include, but are not limited to: the inclusion of various metadata, the visual presentation of ebook content and the organization of ebooks on the platform. This presentation will focus on the similarities and differences in ebook representation and what impact these various representations might have on users of academic ebooks.