Dawn Mueller

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Recasting the Narrative: The Proceedings of the ACRL 2019 Conference, April 10–13, 2019, Cleveland, Ohio

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Recasting the Narrative: the ACRL 2019 Conference

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Cleveland, Ohio

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April 10–13, 2019


The recent #metoo and #timesup movements have shifted the national narrative about workplace sexual harassment, finally bringing it into the light to be recognized and combatted. What is the place in this narrative for libraries? Social science research suggests that female-dominated professions experience a high degree of sexual harassment in the workplace, not only from coworkers but also from clients.1 Do libraries fall into these patterns seen in other fields? Anecdotal evidence suggests that librarians experience sexual harassment, but the most vetted and widely-used tool for measuring incidence and prevalence of harassment had not been applied in the library context. A research team of librarians and social scientists recently administered a survey to academic librarians to measure how widespread sexual harassment is within our field.

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