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This report is an attempt to quantify, to the greatest extent possible given available data and methods, the current “State of Open” at CU Boulder. In addition to this initial effort to capture data on the OA activities underway at CU Boulder since 2012 when the Libraries first began coordinated efforts in this space, this report will serve as a baseline from which to measure future progress toward a more open research landscape on campus. Data used to produce this report can be found here:

Key findings from this report include:

● 10.20% of all articles published in 2017 by CU Boulder authors were published in full OA journals;

● From 2013 to 2017, the Libraries OA Fund funded author fees totalling $163,522.40 for 116 journal articles published by CU Boulder authors in full OA journals;

● As of April 2018, there were 7,732 OA items in the CU Scholar institutional repository run by the Libraries, and these items were downloaded a total of 477,695 times in 2017 alone;

● Published data sets became a reportable scholarly activity in the annual Faculty Report of Professional Activities in 2014, and faculty reported 33 data sets in 2017 (up from 12 in 2014) with 16 of these citations including Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs).

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