Submission Guidelines for Undergraduate Honors Theses

Who Can Submit

Undergraduate Honors Theses only publishes honors theses completed under the auspices of Undergraduate Honors Theses. For additional information, please contact the Honors Program at


How to Submit a Thesis

1. Make sure your thesis is in an acceptable format. We can accept papers in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat (PDF).

If you use a word-processing program other than Microsoft Word, look for an "export" or "save as" option in your program to save it as an RTF file. If you have questions, please contact

2. Have the abstract for your thesis ready to copy and paste into the Abstract field. Please also select keywords. These are words that will help a user locate your paper through a search.

3. Submit your thesis to CU Scholar. If you have any questions, contact

Overview of the Process

After you submit your thesis, we will create an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version of it and publish it on the site. You will be notified by e-mail when the thesis is approved and posted (this can take up to four weeks).