Undergraduate Honors Theses

Thesis Defended

Fall 2015

Document Type


Type of Thesis

Departmental Honors


Theatre & Dance

First Advisor

Michelle Ellsworth

Second Advisor

Theodore Stark

Third Advisor

Kerry Reilly


Subtera is a thirteen minute multimedia dance performance and installation work which incorporates the two-dimensional film and three-dimensional dance forms. This paper explores the similarities of these art forms and how they relate to one another in order to create an emotive image for the audience. In particular, the work Subtera uses inspiration from various Hollywood productions to generate the content of the performance. Repetitive themes in both film installation and live dance performance reveal themes of disaster, rebirth, survival and evolution. The paper discusses how the film and dance elements reinforce one another and these themes. Furthermore, the theoretical purpose for creating this work is further analyzed. The purpose of creating this work was to generate a fully immersed multimedia performance in which the mind of a filmmaker and the mind of a choreographer are fused into one.

Part1Trim.mov (30549 kB)
Part 1 of performance (archival footage was separated in filming)

VTS_01_2.mp4 (61328 kB)
Part2 of performance

TheDrowning.mp4 (1053 kB)
first installation piece, shown in 16mm color film, this is the digital version of the work.

FinalCell_precut.mp4 (14238 kB)
second installation piece

VertFinal_DONE.mp4 (6757 kB)
third installation piece