Undergraduate Honors Theses

Thesis Defended

Spring 2015

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Type of Thesis

General Honors

First Advisor

Timothy Oakes

Second Advisor

Abby Hickcox

Third Advisor

Adriane Genette


I arrived in Beijing on June 30th 2014 to complete the groundwork for this book, a creative nonfiction account of youth culture in modern China. A few years earlier, I had lived in China for nine months, arriving a month after my sixteenth birthday. Now back again at twenty years old, I traveled down the east coast, ventured west into Sichuan, and finally looped back to Beijing, interviewing young Chinese adults in the cities where I stopped. I recorded the interviewees’ complete life stories and went on to analyze the major elements of these stories in order to discover how they fit into China’s wider youth culture. This book incorporates my interviews and analyses, and it delves into topics such as gender equality, wealth equality, family dynamics, and environmental protection, as they relate to China's youth population.