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Fall 2014

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Departmental Honors



First Advisor

Noah Eli Gordon


The commonality of all forms of poetry is the intimate striving for meaning. The lyric I can be worn by any reader, to any extent, and with any observable impact, but the intent (of both reading and writing) is to grasp at some semblance of reality. The nature of reality is, at best, slippery and multiple – an impossible thing to define generally. What we can do is piece together language and guess at the answers that reside there.

Plumeria is a collection of poetry defined by a time constraint. The necessary implications of its deadline include a confinement to a specific frame of mind, as well as a fidelity to a particular set of textual influences. This mindset combined with this booklist created this particular set of words in this particular order – as it must have, for it could not have created a different product from the same components under the same circumstances. The collection as a whole works to explore the possibility for narrative and meaning-making out of found language and syntax in order to access some intimate aspect of what is shared, common, and human.

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