Undergraduate Honors Theses

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Spring 2011

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Psychology & Neuroscience

First Advisor

Dr. Matthew C. Keller


Sexual selection theories state that mate choice is dependent upon maximizing fitness. To understand sexual selection and fitness, we must understand the inheritance of secually selected traits. The current study aims to estimate the heritability of fical attractiveness. 1599 twin subjects from the LTS and QIMR twin registries were rated on Facial Attractiveness by 8 raters. Facial Attractiveness appears to be predominately controlled by additive genetic variation and unique environmental effects. In the best fitting model, AE model, we found that A accounted for 65% of thephenotypic variation in Facial Attractiveness and E the remaining 35%. There was no sex-limitation found in Facial Attractiveness, showing that heritability for Facial Attractiveness is not more important for females or males.