Undergraduate Honors Theses

Thesis Defended

Spring 2011

Document Type



Ethnic Studies

First Advisor

Arturo Aldama, PhD


Decolonize Your Mind is a project that began in 2009 in Dr. Aldama’s Chicano Poetics class. The film documents the work of students and people within the Denver/Boulder poetry community. It explores the words of performers through visual and aural manipulation by digital mediums including music from the HipHop and Cumbia communities that include local artists from Denver, CO and Eugene, OR. The film follows a line, whose words speak of chaos, oppression, self-sacrifice and education. The film presents the poets of Denver’s Café Cultura as a progression from the campus to the community. The postproduction process was a key to the project because it guided me to editing. This honors project culminated my career at CU and serves as a bridge to careers outside of the academy as I graduate May 2011. Decolonize Your Mind is a critical recap and exploration of all I have retained from Ethnic Studies, Film Production Program of University of Colorado at Boulder community.