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Fall 2011

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This paper will examine the relationship between the fashion industry and the prevalence of eating disorders in modern day Argentina. An initial observation that Argentina ranks second in the world for prevalence of eating disorders in combination with the historical and modern day significance of their fashion industry inspired further investigation of this relationship. This study will build it’s argument by first discussing the evolution of eating disorders in Western culture and how they have presented in Argentina. From here, a history of Argentinian fashion will explain its continued social and political importance. This will be followed by a theoretical analysis of how eating disorders and fashion interact with each other upon the human body. Finally, a consideration of the modern fashion industry in Argentina will serve as the final piece of background before launching into the heart of the study: an analysis of the national response to this public health crisis and how the modern day fashion industry has played or not played a role in this response. The objective of this study is to demonstrate how the Argentine fashion industry has failed to adequately respond to the shocking prevalence of eating disorders. In addition, observations on the media’s role in this response and the evolution of eating disorders from a public health crisis to a legal issue will be included as support for the principal observation and as potential topics for future study. This paper is written in the Spanish language.