Undergraduate Honors Theses

Thesis Defended

Spring 2013

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First Advisor

Prof. David Shneer


Dates included in this thesis, to the best of my knowledge and abilities, follow New Style, Gregorian calendar notation. When my sources offered both, I included only the New Style dates. Those few works that published dates following the Julian calendar system without noting so are the only sources of Old Style dating in my thesis. Their unknown nature, unfortunately, prevents me from noting or correcting them. I apologize and take full responsibility for any inconsistencies. In most instances, I follow the contemporary Library of Congress style for transliterating names and reproduced passages from the original Russian. In several cases, however, convention and previous authorship have popularized an older or different version of certain words. This frequently occurs with proper nouns and names. Thus, rather than Ermolov, I use the more recognizable Yermolov, and Alexander rather than Aleksandr. In some cases, the names themselves have been westernized in popular usage. As such, Tolstoy appears in my writing as Leo rather than his given Lev, and I study the influence of Tsar Nicholas rather than that of Tsar Nikolai. Most of the works I analyze were ably translated by the scholars mentioned in the corresponding footnotes and bibliographic entries, but I have attempted my own translation of Fedor Fedorovich Tornau’s Memoirs of a Caucasian Officer. When citing these passages in the text, I provide my English translations with the original Russian in footnotes. I am grateful to my advisor, Professor David Shneer, for checking my translations, but all errors are of my own commission.