Undergraduate Honors Theses

Thesis Defended

Spring 2013

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Ethnic Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Arturo J. Aldama


There are many laws in the United States that discriminate against undocumented immigrants and deny undocumented students the opportunity to have access to higher education. This study explains why xenophobia towards undocumented immigrants and non-white students is prevalent in the educational system. It also describes the social struggles of educational attainment of undocumented immigrants and describes the laws and bills that are put in place at the State and Federal level. It analyses the different laws by examining their xenophobic and racist language and how these harsh laws are negatively impacting the lives of the students by looking at different journals, newspaper articles, government publications, and Federal Bills. A case study was done on the State of Colorado’s undocumented students tuition policies and describes Colorado ASSET (Advancing Students for A Stronger Economy Tomorrow) a bill that has failed to pass six times in the House of Representatives. An interview with Senator Angela Giron cosponsor of the Colorado ASSET was done to help explain why Colorado has been so hesitant to pass this bill. The results describe the United States’ broken immigration system and explains how it promotes hate towards undocumented immigrants and why should they should be changed, the DREAM Act would benefit many undocumented students but it is not enough. Now is the time to pass a Comprehensive Immigration Reform that will benefit thousands of undocumented immigrants to create a more educated work force that will ultimately create a more equitable economy.