Undergraduate Honors Theses

Thesis Defended

Spring 2013

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Theatre & Dance

First Advisor

Donna Mejia


[ABSURDUS]corpus, an interdisciplinary performance, produced by Nathan Blackwell premiered in the Black Box Theatre of the ATLAS Institute in January 2013. This work was a collaboration between artists in film, sound, visual art and performance. Choreographer and artistic director, Nathan Blackwell examines his experience through the research, creation, and performance processes of [ABSURDUS]corpus. Blackwell’s research explores the relationship between gender and sexuality throughout history and how they have been dictated by societal structures. From matriarchal societies in the Neolithic age, to contemporary gay men and Western religious institutions—Blackwell explores their relationships and interactions through the lens of theorist Camille Paglia. Due to the ability of performance to produce physical awareness, emotive sensation, psychological transformation, and social change; it provides a valuable approach to research academic scholarship. Blackwell aims to explore progressive scholarship by merging academic research with kinesthetic research and artistic expression. By opening the possibility of research and academia to the kinesthetic and artistic world, Blackwell engages in the tradition of physical and progressive forms of academic scholarship.