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Fall 2012

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This project aims to examine whether a brief mindfulness induction impacts perceptions of food taste and caloric zonsumption in a stressful situation. The project is a subset of a larger research study, in which the objective is to determine whether brief mindfulness inductions have an effect on emotional eating in a stressful situation. Participants are randomized to listen to a mindfulness induction recording, or an attention control recording, and then complete a timed math test, while having access to snack food. We predicted that participants would more accurately estimate caloric consumption and show an increase in food enjoyment following mindfulness relative to the control recording. We also predict a significant reduction in anxiety levels following the mindfulness relative to control recording. Results indicated no significant difference between the mindfulness and control conditions on enjoyment ratings of foods or the accuracy of estimates of caloric intake. Results, however, did indicate a significant reduction in anxiety immediately after the mindfulness induction, relative to the control recording.