Undergraduate Honors Theses

Thesis Defended

Spring 2012

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First Advisor

Gabriel Masson


The purpose of this project was to seamlessly combine art for entertainment purposes and art for self-indulgence in order to express a relatable story. I combined my conflicting influences from writer Elizabeth Cady Stanton and choreographer Bob Fosse to explore the feminism that can be seen through the female dancing body on stage. I did this by showcasing both the physical and emotional ability of each female through the subtleties and strengths in her dancing. By interviewing the twelve dancers about the works of Stanton and Fosse, I was able to create a twenty minute dance concert. I learned that, though women are objectified through jazz dance, the use of athleticism as well as expressionism can aid in the deconstruction of the woman’s body being seen as an object. Even though they were once seen as mutually exclusive, art for entertainment and art for indulgence can work together in order to reach a common goal set forth by the artist.