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Spring 2019

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Departmental Honors



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Noah Eli Gordon

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Marcia Douglas

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Garrett Bredeson

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This collection splits in several poetic narratives, where each could have its own goals while still folding back on the others, as I wanted more than anything to let this book be about the interconnectedness of life. Giving might be the most common action in these pages, whether that be of knowledge, time or help. When Death gives to the well or presents itself to the world, among others, we are seeing balance. That balance and interconnectedness go hand in hand and is often overlooked in nature or glanced off in a way without importance. By naming this collection belief hydration, I wanted to first acknowledge all the water in my writing and the motion that goes on but more importantly, put a value and purpose to the partnership between balance and interconnectedness. It is important to believe in balance, and connections are something for which we should all care.

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