Undergraduate Honors Theses

Thesis Defended

Spring 2019

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Departmental Honors



First Advisor

Dr. Jeffrey DeShell

Second Advisor

Noah Eli Gordon

Third Advisor

Dr. Heidi Day

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Valora Hendricks was formerly one of the best Agents the International Security Agency had to offer, but one mistake changed everything. A year after a disastrous error that ended her partner and best friend’s life and nearly ended her career, Valora must deal with the physical and mental damage that night left her. She is given a second chance by the ISA, along with a new partner.

Deacon Sholes is a stubborn, lazy, and arrogant assassin and Valora can barely stand to look at him, let alone work side-by-side. He doesn’t make it easy either. Valora must figure out how to deal with both the ghosts from her past and her conceited partner, all while doing her best to keep her job.

It isn’t long before she finds out that it isn’t just Deacon Sholes she has to worry about. Someone is killing Agents, foiling their carefully planned missions at every turn. It is up to Valora and her team to figure out who is doing it before the ISA is suddenly without staff to protect itself and the world.