Undergraduate Honors Theses

Thesis Defended

Spring 2019

Document Type


Type of Thesis

Departmental Honors



First Advisor

Glenda Walden

Second Advisor

Matthew Brown

Third Advisor

Orly Hersh


Active harmer events, such as school shootings are steadily increasing. (Bonanno, Levenson 2014, Ahmed and Walker 2018). This study explores active harmer preparedness at Mountain Town University, and also delves into the university's neoliberalist response to threat, a failed attempt at a moral panic, and the rape culture that is currently taking place within this university. The study was conducted with a total of 12 participants, all of whom are affiliated with the university and fall under at least one category of student, faculty, or staff. I conducted face to face interviews to ask questions about things like active harmer preparedness, perceptions of safety on campus, and accounts of what happened during the last active harmer event on this campus. The responses given by my participants indicated that the three themes mentioned above, the university’s neoliberalist response to threat, a failed attempt at a moral panic, and campus rape culture, were extremely prevalent and commonly brought up during the interview process. For that reason the findings about these topics were indicated in my data chapters. Overall this study takes a hard look at the reality of the themes within the university.