Undergraduate Honors Theses

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Spring 2018

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Type of Thesis

Departmental Honors



First Advisor

Robert Ferry

Second Advisor

Matthew Dean Gerber

Third Advisor

Nina Molinaro

Fourth Advisor

Fredy Gonzalez


As the Spaniards began colonizing the Andean Mountains, they spread their Catholic religion to the people and convinced these people that they needed to convert to Catholicism. As they did this, the Andean peoples began merging their own religions along with the Catholic religion to create a hybrid religion that still exists to this day in the highlands of the Andes. This religion was created in different ways on the Andean landscape, through the similarities between the religion and religious practices, abuses and forced conversions to Catholicism, and the failures of the Peruvian Extirpation. These allowed for Andean peoples to practice a form of Catholicism that was similar to that of their old religious beliefs.