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Thesis Defended

Spring 2018

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Departmental Honors



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Marcia Douglas

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Noah Eli Gordon

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Anne Becher

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John Stevenson

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I have great faith in the power of stories. They speak for themselves, lulling us into a state of receptivity, calling us to listen for a teaching we may need to hear. The stories we engage with forge growth within us; shine light on layers of the self we did not know how to see. A lecture stands in front of you, but a story encompasses you: takes you in, asks to be understood. To be heard. When I began writing these stories down, I did not think about how they might fit together, what thread might bind them into one. In the process of compiling the snapshots into a larger body, they have revealed a message of the feminine principle that I’d yet to hear– a message that will continue to evolve beyond my very limited understanding of it, but for now, leaves its mark on this project. I won’t pretend the interpretation of these stories is without bias, for I experienced them from an inherently self-centered perspective. Still, I have tried to convey them as true to their own tone as possible, with the due autonomy they command. These stories made me feel rightly small and silent– my only job to listen and be humbled by them, as stones polished by the river. I hope a sense of stillness can be found within their wake.