Undergraduate Honors Theses

Thesis Defended

Spring 2018

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Type of Thesis

Departmental Honors

First Advisor

Kim Drennan

Second Advisor

Georgia Lindsay

Third Advisor

Sandra Vasconez


The farm-to-table restaurant concept is one of the fastest growing trends in one of our nation’s largest sector, the food industry. This movement is in response to people becoming more cautious of the quality of food they put into their bodies. Select restaurateurs have devoted their craft to providing their guests with the healthiest and freshest quality products they can. This type of restaurant is rising in popularity in communities from coast to coast. However, the farm-to-table restaurants only make up a small percentage of the total number of restaurants in the United States. The farm-to-Table restaurants have a direct relationship with local farmers in their region, to help provide them with fresh seasonal produce for their menus. The problem with the farm-to-table restaurant concept is that it is a niche market. Roughly a third of the restaurants in Colorado and the U.S. are corporate chain restaurants. Due to the high demand these corporate stores put on the agricultural industry, food distributors are forced to acquire food from different parts of the country and/or continent. This thesis focuses on developing a system that can be added to the existing building of one of these corporate restaurants that will help to provide more people with the ability to eat and enjoy fresh produce. Furthermore, alleviating the issues that the limited local farmers can not, by meeting the produce needs of the corporate restaurant by reducing the distance the food travels from hundreds if not thousands of miles away, to just a few feet. The evidence from the precedent work and design studies, will show that it is possible to redesign the unused and/or underdeveloped areas within a restaurant to grow the produce needed for the restaurants menu on the premise of the restaurant. The farm-at-table concept gives their guests the ability to see the food they are eating being grown in front of them, while giving them an experience they will not find anywhere else.

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